Bringing together the most forward thinking innovators, product visionaries, designers, mobility experts and programmers to one big Techspectation!

Kerala's first Media Hackathon, proudly presented by ManoramaOnline in connection with Techspectations, the first ever digital media summit in Kerala.

Techies from all over will compete in the Media Hackathon to come up with unique applications on given themes. The 3 finalists chosen from all the entries can pitch their ideas to an elite invite-only crowd of the titans in the digital scene. There is no time to be lost, register today!

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  1. Team members must register at and should be added to the project submission
  2. Link to Github and a presentation or video explaining the project should be part of the project submission
  3. At least one member of the team should be present in the demo to the judges.

How to enter


Entry by invitation only



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Judging Criteria

  • Usability
    How we can use this product - generic to media industry
  • Longevity
    Sustainability of the product over years - is this a short life or long term product
  • Scalability
    Can we built on this product to accommodate future business requisites / needs
  • Innovation
    Novelty of idea & the approach
  • Business Viability
    Business potential of the ideal - scope of revenue & projected expenses
  • Coding Standards
    Efficiency of coding & whether it follows the standards
  • Technology
    The technology used to built the solution / product & its future feasibility.